What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a form of hair removal that uses all-natural ingredients. The formula is simple and includes sugar, water, and lemon juice to create a goopy, caramel-like substance. Perfect for all skin types, this blend is used to gently remove hair and overtime, can even improve your skin.

how is it different from wax?

Body sugaring is applied to the skin at body temperature, compared to wax which has to be heated. High temps and chemical ingredients in wax expose skin to more stress and potential inflammation compared to body sugaring that is room temperature and uses all natural ingredients. Sugaring is ideal for every skin type and is especially helpful to those with sensitive skin.

What should i do to prep for my appointment?

We want you to give you the best sugaring service possible, which is why we’ve prepped the following checklist for your next appointment:

Prior to your appointment 

  • Avoid shaving or waxing for at least two weeks, especially for larger areas of the body, like legs and arms. For smaller regions, such as bikini, we suggest that you avoid hair removal for ten days prior to your appointment.

  •  Exfoliate every other day to remove dead skin cells, but avoid exfoliating 24 hours before your appointment.

  • Moisturize daily to hydrate skin, but please avoid moisturizing immediately before your appointment.

  •  Come to your appointment with clean, dry skin.

  • Avoid the heat! Working out or taking a hot shower immediately before your appointment can make your skin warm, sweaty, and extra sensitive. Sometimes a cool shower prior to your appointment is just the trick to efficiently prepping for your sugaring session!

After your appointment  

Remember: your freshly sugared skin will be sensitive! Avoid touching, sweating, and wearing tight fitting clothes. Such activities may cause irritation, which is no bueno!

Anything else I should know before I try sugaring?

YES! Please note if you are using, or have used one of the following medications in the last six months, we cannot perform sugaring services on you. Sorry!

Accutane • Claravis • Sotret

These medications can cause a severe drying and thinning of the skin, which means there is a high risk of permanent skin damage if you wax or sugar while taking them. Please wait at least six months after discontinuation to sugar!

Additionally, if you’re using Differin, Retin-A, Renova, or Tazorac we recommend that you do not try sugaring. These topical products make skin more susceptible to tearing and irritation and sugaring treated areas is not advised. Please wait at least one month after discontinuation to sugar!

how often should i sugar?

There’s no easy answer! Sugaring frequency is something that we will discuss during our first meeting as it depends on how long you’ve been sugaring, waxing, lasering, or even shaving. If you’re new to sugaring, and other forms of hair removal, we recommend coming in every 4 weeks. Over time, your hair follicles will get weaker, prolonging the growth process, which may result in extending your return appointment for 5 to 6 weeks.

i am pregnant, can i sugar?

Yes! Sugaring is non-toxic, using gentle, all-natural ingredients.

how long does my hair need to be?

Hair can be as short as 1⁄8”, however if you are new to the world of sugaring, we ask that you grow your hair to a longer, even hair growth cycle – think medium size grain of rice!

What if my Brazilian / bikini appointment falls during my period?

No worries! We have no problem sugaring you during that time of the month, we just ask that you wear a tampon! Remember: not everyone's the same. While some visitors may feel no change from any other week of the month, others may be susceptible to increased sensitivity levels, which may affect comfort levels during your treatment.